Purpose: This LOA (Learning Outcome Assessment) project is required of all students taking the MNGT 105 course and designed to assess

Purpose: This
LOA (Learning Outcome Assessment) project is required of all students taking the MNGT 105 course and designed to assess the students’ learning outcomes of the
Overall Course Objectives (OCO) 4, 6, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 & 16 (which are covered by chapters 2, 3, 7,8,10,11 & 12) of this course. See Overall Course Objectives in syllabus

Skills: Student will comprehend, research, study, and describe basic management concepts and organizational components related to the above Overall Course Objectives as well as develop a
PowerPoint presentation to respond the research questions in the table below.

Knowledge: Students can master in visual presentation, content, writing skills and critical thinking through this project as well as understand, apply, analyze and evaluate the management components tied to the above Overall Course Objectives if they meet the expectations of these objectives (i.e. receiving “High/Good/Average” grading according to the rubric).


Students will pick a company (from the list provided below) to research, study, and describe basic management concepts and organizational components. Students will develop a
presentation (PowerPoint) detailing the concepts and actions listed below.

PowerPoint presentation should be well organized and fulfill all requirements of the assignment including topic selection, research sources, materials, and presentation design and format. This is assignment is based on your analysis and interpretation of your research. Please access the rubric under Course Content.

Students should complete the following using background information as necessary from one of the companies listed below to develop the presentation.

Company Research Options – (Other companies can be added based on instructor preference)

Maryland Based

1. Discovery Communications

2. McCormick

3. T. Rowe Price

4. Under Armour

5. Marriott Hotels International, Inc.

U.S. Based

6. Amazon

7. Apple

8. McDonald’s Corp.

9. Tesla, Inc.

10. Walt Disney Corp.


11. Alibaba (Conglomerate Holding Company)

12. Pfizer (Pharmaceuticals)

13. The Lego Group (Private Company—Annual Report available online)

14. Samsung

15. Toyota


What does this company do to meet its ethical or social responsibility?


What is this company’s mission statement? What impact does this have on the company?


What is this company’s strategy?


Has this company had to change any of its operations in the last few years? Was this a planned or reactive change?


How has the pandemic affected this company? How have they addressed this challenge?


How does company meet its human resources challenges? How do they train their staff? How do they recruit? What kind of employees do they recruit?


How does this company implement diversity?


Using the company’s human resources website, identify benefits that would motivate employees at various levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.


Based on the textbook, compare and contrast leadership styles.


Based on the textbook, Explain the value of communication and information management in the work environment.

Criteria for Success:

Research and Citation Guidelines, and Suggestions

· For best results, a minimum of five research sources.


· Limit two corporate controlled—corporate website, fb, twitter, etc.

· Two independent sources—mainstream news outlets

· One academic or trade journal

· In addition, students should get an Annual Report for the company they are studying.

· Sources must be cited in text of written summary and listed in bibliography/reference page.

· Citations and bibliography must follow APA format.
Click to view APA citation basics.

Presentation Guidelines and Suggestions

· Use
one slide for
one question (i.e. 10 slides for 10 questions).

· Utilize PowerPoint or other instructor improved presentation format.

· Presentation should be visually appealing with:

· An easy to read (from audience viewpoint) visual format.

· Complimentary color schemes and professional style font format

· Limit text to 5-7 lines per slide—do not overcrowd. Bullet-points may help.

· Use of support graphics.

· No Text Language

· The grading is based on
the components of the PowerPoint slides themselves. (If a student finds it helpful to write notes on the
Notes area beneath the slides, he/she can do that. But I do not grade on the notes.)

Click for guidance of excellent work

The due date of Completion of LOA Project: 3/3/2024

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