Assignment Instructions: Crafting a Persuasive Speech Note to Tutor – This class is Community and Administration Practice

Assignment Instructions: Crafting a Persuasive Speech

Note to Tutor – This class is Community and Administration Practice regarding social work in a Masters program. I’ll do the video myself but need the content that’s in APA.

Objective: Develop a compelling 10-minute speech aimed at a public audience to advocate for support on a specific issue, policy, or legislation. This speech should effectively utilize researched facts, moral or ethical principles, emotional appeal, personal anecdotes, and conclude with a clear call to action.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Choose a Relevant Topic:

· Select a current and relevant issue, policy, or legislation that you are passionate about. Ensure it is something that resonates with the public and aligns with the context of the event.

Conduct Thorough Research:

· Dive into comprehensive research on your chosen topic. Collect at least five impactful facts that the public may not be aware of but are crucial to understanding the issue.

Identify Moral or Ethical Principles:

· Pinpoint and incorporate several moral or ethical principles related to your chosen topic. These principles should resonate with the audience and emphasize the significance of supporting the cause.

Emotional Appeal:

· Craft sections of your speech that appeal to the emotions of your audience. Consider using vivid language, personal stories, or relatable examples that evoke empathy, compassion, or a sense of urgency.

Incorporate a Personal Story:

· Integrate a personal story within your speech. This can be your own experience or a compelling anecdote from someone you know or have interviewed. This personal touch adds authenticity and relatability to your message.

Craft a Clear Call to Action (Ask):

· Clearly articulate what you want the audience to do after hearing your speech. Whether it’s signing a petition, attending an event, or spreading awareness on social media, the call to action should be specific, achievable, and aligned with the overall goal.

Structuring the Speech:

· Divide your speech into clear sections, such as introduction, facts, moral principles, emotional appeal, personal story, and conclusion with the call to action. Ensure a smooth flow between these sections.

Submission Items:

8. 10-minute video

8. Your written speech, in APA format. Be sure you include a title and reference page.

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