Dear Love Kawal Please read until the end…. I hope you are doing well and reached home safely. I hope you are relaxed, soothed and stress free. we know each

Dear Love Kawal

Please read until the end….

I hope you are doing well and reached home safely. I hope you are relaxed, soothed and stress free. we know each other for a long time now. I have always enjoyed spending time with you. Our hearts hurt at this time. we have shared so many good memories that we made before and after we got married. I will always remember going to halfmoon bay beach, mission park, mission ice-cream place, Hawaii #1, monetary and NYC trip. The reason I wanted to go to places with you so I could spend more time with you. I felt like I never got enough of you. I know we have been through a very hard and rough times. I acknowledge your pain and hurt. I probably wasn’t able to meet your expectations but I have always tried to be a best wife and a daughter in law but I have done things the way I know. I don’t know if I was able to make this clear to you but a lot of these things happened because we could not make any physical relations and you sleeping in a different room after getting married for about a year. Which was the main issue that concerned me and my family also(once they got to know) this was the main reason I wouldn’t involve my family and this was the reason why I was insisting you to move out. I was hoping we move out and we live like a married couple. I think I tried talking to you few times. If I knew the problem will led to this, I would have hired a specialist to teach us on that. I didn’t come to your house to hurt you or anyone. If I could change some things I would. I understand these weren’t very good memories for me and you and families. I understand you were in between me and your family when trying to resolve issues and it was really tough for you. I have tried looking things from view point in last few months. These few months haven’t been easy for me too . I want to say life is never perfect and there are a lot of ups and downs. I really really apologize for having you go through a difficult time. Which I would never want. I’m only a human and I only tried resolving issues the way I know and I didn’t want to involve families. I knew things get ugly when families are involved. i have learned a lot from this too I never wanted to tell my family about our physical relations because it would be a big deal for them as my dad is also traditional as your family is. I cannot change what is done. i want to say meeting you, our love, friendship and marriage was the best thing ever happened in my life and thinking I was your wife brings me happiness to my heart. Our life would be much easier if we would live first few years alone. Some of these problems happened because of that. I understand we were both hurt because we were just barely trying to figure out our lives together. I would like to extend my apology to you for saying stuff when I was hurt and sick. Also I wasn’t feeling well when all these things were happening. its hard to explain but I wanted to stop that noise until I recover and then resolve issues. I just didn’t know how can I fix these issues. The main reason was that we couldn’t start our married life. I also want to tell you that I’m not really good at reading people’s minds and I wanted to know what my future would be like. A right marriage consler could help with that. also, I never wanted to blame you on anything that happened we all were wrong and no one knew how to handle this. I just wish you never asked a better way to leave your house and go to my dad’s house for few days or weeks or if you could ever reach out to dad or sister to say when preety is coming back home or is she ok . This was just written in our destiny. Even the astrologist told me that you both are perfect for each other but the time is tough at this time until April 2025.i understand you don’t believe in that which is ok. i do want to mention that I never wanted to you to not to help your parents. I would actually help my husband if he needs me anywhere and anyhow (with money or physical help) . I was only asking us to live separate so our relationship with your parents won’t get strain and we can start our married life. if I knew these things will happen I would ask you to move out in the before we even got married. The reason why some things happened or were said because I was hurt , couldn’t trust , sick and scared. the reason why my behavior changed like you said that I was sad, unheard, misunderstood and sick. The reason why things got delayed so much because I couldn’t recover for long time. I could barely go to work and lay down in bed in may, June, July, august,sep and oct. I tried to heal my heart in all this time. there were times when I said I didn’t want fix things but I wasn’t seeing people or had any other plans. The reason why I said I was single because I was hurt that we never did registered marriage. At that time, I was thinking you fooled me. Thank you for the dinner, gift and my birthday treat. You left my heart with so many good memories and I will always remember you for those. I know that know that love isn’t the only thing that will make a relationship work, I would say I always had, currently do and will always have unlimited love for you and I believe if you have love between each other, we could fix anything. I want to say in most polite way that your family is little inpatient. Everything would fall in place in time if we move out, live like a married couple and slowly start our family and by then your mom will accept me. I think we were both selfish and didn’t want to share you with anyone. I would always remember you because you are my first love and maybe I will never be able to give this place to anyone else. Thank you for taking me to ice cream place, communication hills. also please accept my apology letter I have tried my best to apologize the way I know. Please keep my letter as an apology and gentle reminder of my love to you.

With endless love and appreciation


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