Discussion on Integrating Sources in APA Instructions:

Discussion on Integrating Sources in APA


Write a few sentences (120 words) integrating a quote from any of the articles that you will be using in your paper. (
Will post the articles as pdf). Be sure to connect your quote to the rest of your sentences. You can do this via signal phrases (“Smith argues” OR “According to Smith,” etc) or by integrating your quote as it grammatically fits into your sentence. Document your quote by using the APA in-text citation guidelines you have studied in this lesson.

After you are done with the discussion respond to the following classmate in NO FEWER THAN 80 WORDS and maximum of 85 words on how effectively they have integrated a quote.


Implementing the vegetarian diet to our day-to-day life is one of the most impactful yet simple things we can do as a community to help better our environment. We as humans are constantly reproducing and that means more animals are being used to support the harmful needs of meats. Lands are being taken over and that is causing major damages throughout our soil and crops. According to John Vidal “our hunger to eat animals has led to overstocking of fragile lands and massive soil erosion and desertification. Overgrazing, from the downlands of southern England to the uplands of Ethiopia and mountains of Nepal, causes great loss of fertility, as well as flooding.” (The Guardian 2019). Stating that if it weren’t for so much demand of animal meat, we would not be in such crucial circumstances.

So, you should include:

· Discussion based on any articles of 120 words

· Respond to classmate in 85 words

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