Assignment 530: Overview of the Project Proposal

Assignment 1: Overview of the Project Proposal


Assignment 2 consists of writing a funding proposal for a community health development project. This project should have relevance / importance for Nurse Practitioners. For Assignment 1, you are asked to identify the topic of your funding proposal and to submit pieces of the proposal. Review the description of Assignment 2 before you complete this assignment.

Include the following:

Content (80% of the mark)

1. Title of the proposal – should be descriptive enough to identify the project and the target population.

2. Description of the problem (35%)

• A description of the problem (reason why you are writing a proposal to request funding for some type of intervention or solution, etc.) with supporting documentation from literature and community assessment data (maximum of two pages).

3. Description of the target population (30%)

• Provide a description of the target population – the population that is expected to benefit from or are the recipients of the project proposed.

4. Overview of Project (15%)

• An overview of the project (high level summary of what is the project and what is it intended to achieve)

Scholarly Writing and Critical Thinking (20% of the mark)

• The reference list is structured according to APA

• The paper should have a title page and the body of the assignment organized by appropriate headings. There is no need for an introduction, abstract or conclusion for this assignment.

• Ideas are clearly articulated and organized. Information is well organized such that logical links are evident within paragraphs, within sections and among sections of the paper. Relevant scholarly evidence is used to support statements and is accurately cited and referenced

• The paper shows evidence of critical thinking including analysis and synthesis, integration of theory and personal experiences and original thinking


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