Managing people and change

 Instructions You are required to identify an organisation in New Zealand from the following sectors and conduct secondary research (e.g., company official websites and reports, newspaper, textbooks, and journals). Your selected organisation must be approved by your tutor. Each individual should choose a different organisation. Primary sector 1. Agriculture or forestry 2. Fishing 3. Petroleum & minerals Service sector 1. Tourism 2. Logistics (transport, postal and warehousing) 3. Finance & insurance 4. Wholesale trade or retails 5. Construction 6. Food and beverage 7. Accommodation Manufacturing sector 1. Machinery & equipment 2. Other manufacturing (textile, leather, clothing and footwear, printing, non-metallic mineral products, furniture and other manufacturing) (source: DBN 607 Assessment 1 (Individual Project – 25%) due in Week 3 Questions and Marking Schedule Your project should contain the following sections and evidence with in-text citations and reference list. Demonstrate skills in human resource management to achieve personal and entity goals for efficient and effective performance of the entity. (Learning Outcome 2 – 25 Marks) Marks Awarded Week 1 Question 1 Assume the human resource manager at your selected organisation asked you to prepare a staffing plan for a department. Demonstrate your human resource management skills in achieving personal and entity goals for efficient and effective performance in the organisation by writing a recruitment plan (600-650 words) that you would use for attracting a pool of qualify applicants for a vacancy in the selected department. Justify your selected recruitment process and sources in this plan. 

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