Music Paper/ International Education.

For the music paper you must create 500 to 600 words of written text. You need to either attend an event in person or you may view a program on the web. Since this is part of the international education component of the course you may not use American musicians or American based compositions i.e. no Japanese rock and roll for instance. Select a style of music that originated abroad i.e. classical music and composers that worked in Europe, opera created by European artists, Latin American music such as the lambada, the macarena, the salsa and the list goes on, traditional forms of Asian music such as Japanese music or Chinese music, or forms of African tribal music. As you watch the presentation select two of the songs that are performed. Tell me who created them, what the songs symbolize, what kinds of lyrics and instruments are used, what the songs sound like i.e. rhythm, tempo , pitch etc. Some of these types of music are closely associated with dance or ballet. So if the music includes elements of either of those, briefly describe their impact on the production.Also briefly describe your aesthetic response to each piece of music. If you watch something electronically cite the program using MLA style. If you attend an event personally, scan and upload a copy of a ticket or program that shows that it was presented during this current semester. – chose tango (A type of music born in argentina)  chose TANGO PRESENTATION LINKS: – in the description/information of the video on youtube, is the name of the song, artist, etc.

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