Informatics paper: Nursing Informatics

Criteria Level 5 10 points Level 4 8 points Level 3 7 points Level 2 5 points Level 1 0 Points Criterion 1: Structural Integrity 10 points Introduction clearly communicates topic Ideas progress logically Closing supports main idea 8 points •Introduction communicates topic, Ideas in sequence, but don’t always progress •Closing relates to main idea 7 points Introduction fails to communicate topic, Ideas not in orderly sequence, Relationship between closing and main idea unclear 5 points Poorly developed introduction No sequence, Relationship between closing and main idea not present 0 points Criterion 2: Reasoning and focus consistency 10 points Maintains focus on topic throughout

•Develops appropriate, logical, and relevant supporting detail and/or evidence •Explains how, why, and in what way main evidence supports point(s) 8 points Appropriate focus on topic, but some deviation, Supporting detail and/or evidence is largely persuasive, Relationship between evidence and main point(s) are largely explained 7 points Insufficient focus on topic Inappropriate, illogical, irrelevant, or missing, detail and/or evidence Fails to connect evidence to main point(s) 5 points Poorly developed focus on topic Missing, detail and/or evidence Fails to connect evidence to main point 0 points

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