According to Susan Kaiser’s “Fashion and Cultural Studies”, we know

According to Susan Kaiser’s “Fashion and Cultural Studies”, we know how do we use dress to position ourselves as individuals and members of society. Imagine four subject position【 family+gender+relationship+art】that represents you on your intersectional map, for each of one, include a short paragraph (roughly 200words) which answers all of the following questions: o How would you describe your relationship to this subject position – where are you?

o How does it impact your daily life – when are you most aware of it? How does it intersect with the other subject positions in your map? o What influence does this subject position have for your daily dress practices?

How does it impact your everyday processes of dressing? At least one direct quote from Susan Kaiser, properly cited, explained, and contextualized, and a bibliography including all cited sources. My four subjectivities family/ gender(female)/ relationship(with friends)/ art(fashion as profession)

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