Interview: Religious Beliefs and Practices of a SE Asian Immigrant

If you choose the second topic, you will be interviewing an individual who is either a Southeast Asian immigrant or is the son or daughter of Southeast Asian immigrants about his or her religious beliefs and practices. You may not do a “self” interview, but you may interview one of your own family members if they are either an SE Asian immigrant or the son or daughter of one. You must take fieldnotes during your interview. Your interview should be a minimum of one hour (longer is better). Please state in your paper how long your interview actually was. Your interview should focus on your informant’s actual religious beliefs and practices, so tell me about his or her real-life experiences and practices. Your interview should be open-ended; encourage your informant to talk! You want your informant to describe their own views, beliefs, and experiences. You should always remain respectful and courteous (and never judgmental) of your informant’s beliefs while conducting this interview. Remember: 6 pages for essay and 4 pages for field notes.

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