Using Active Pedagogy Approach to teach a literary text CURRICULUM

Task overview:

You are asked to create a curriculum unit of 5-6 lessons based on an active pedagogy approach to a literary text(s) for a chosen subject or as part of a larger integrated learning unit/program and for a class/cohort and educational context/setting of your own choosing. Create an educational context/setting where the curriculum unit we be taught


Educational Context/setting:

VCE English in Victorian Public School; Year 11

Various capability

Curriculum link (Unit 1 Outcome 1: An analytical interpretation of a selected text in written form.)


Text type: novella, novel, film…



Task description:

3,000 words in total

Steps 1- 4 should be in the vicinity of 1,000 words in total

The curriculum unit should be approximately 2,000 words in length.


(i) Getting started

You will need to select:

a literary text(s)#;

the educational context/setting;

the particular student cohort/class.


# The text can be one we have studied in the Intensive or another one(s) of your choosing. If you use a text we studied in class your activities should be different from those that were taught (but can be based on them).


(ii) Educational context/setting

Describe the educational context/setting and the student cohort for the unit of work.

When describing the school consider:

The culture and SES of the school/students; 

The group of students who will undertake the unit of work;  

In what ways will this curriculum unit be part of the wider curriculum for this

    particular cohort?

The experience of the students in regard to active pedagogies (e.g. are you assuming

    they have experience of this particular pedagogical approach or are they novices to it etc?)


(iii) Aims and Objectives

From a pedagogical point of view, explain why you would be doing this task with this cohort of students? From an educational perspective what would you hope the students would gain from the experience?



(iv) Introducing the text

Give a brief rundown of the key details of the narrative, style/form/genre, characters and themes of the text (as relevant to your proposed unit).

Consider such aspects as:

The writer’s intentions;

The story/narrative;

The main themes;

Structural organisation;

The people and setting(s) in the text.


What aspects of the text do you want to emphasise in the unit and why?

What are some key pedagogical decisions/considerations will you be making when working on this activity with the students?


(v) The curriculum unit

The curriculum unit should be based on 5-6 sessions or lessons (of roughly [each] 45-50 mins in length). As part of the unit you may create double-lessons (i.e. of between 90 mins and 110 mins in length);

In the unit there should be clear evidence of the philosophy and content of the ‘Active Pedagogies’ Intensive;

You may use some of the activities taught in the Intensive (including those you experienced in the ‘culminating task’ on the last day) but care should be taken to adapt them to the particular educational context and cohort you have chosen;

You may include activities that were not in the Intensive but these should (where at all possible) adopt similar techniques, and practices to those taught in the unit;

Your unit should accord with the relevant level(s) within the Victorian Curriculum or the Australian curriculum (if you envisage your educational context is in state or territory other than Victoria);

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