Research and report on an object, work of art, or piece of


For this assignment, you’ll research and report on an object, work of art, or piece of architecture that sheds light on some aspect of ancient Greek or Roman gender or sexuality. Just about anything made or used in the Greek or Roman worlds between ca. 1000 BCE and 337 CE will work, although you should let me know what you have chosen to work on (by email or in conversation) as soon as you have a topic.


With so much material (and contact information) available online, students are sometimes tempted to email authors or researchers directly to ask for information or advice on an assignment. This is very rarely a good idea; most of the time, these emails wind up being requests for someone else to do your research or thinking for you, and they don’t make a good impression on the recipient. If you think you have cause to to email someone whose work you have read online or elsewhere, please do not do this without consulting me first!


Your paper should be 4 to 6 double-spaced pages (12 pt. Times New Roman, 1.25″ margins). This range is meant to accommodate differences in individual writing styles and topics; however, papers that fall outside the specified page limits will be penalized. The page limit includes footnotes, but it does not include bibliography and illustrations, which should appear at the end of the paper. Papers are due on the deadline at the beginning of class. You can submit your paper in hard copy or by email; if you submit it electronically, it must be a PDF document, and you should not consider it received until I have acknowledged receipt by email. Extensions will be granted only in the case of documented illness or emergency and must be requested before the due date. Papers that are late for any other reason will receive lower grades and may result in delayed submission of your final course grade to the registrar.


Your paper should include a full but concise description of your object (or work of art or architecture), followed by a discussion of what the object (etc.) tells us about gender or sexuality in the ancient Greek or Roman worlds. Depending on what you choose to work on, there may or may not be existing scholarship that discusses your object from the perspective of gender and/or sexuality. If such scholarship is available for your object, I expect you to discuss and cite it, in addition to providing your own observatons. If previous scholars haven’t considered your object from the perspective of gender or sexuality, then your job will be to find scholarship (and ideally comparanda) to support your own claims about what your object can tell us about ancient gender or sexuality.

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