Video Strategy

Part 1: Case Study – 3 pts: Choose a brand with a successful video campaign and walk us through their case study. (Google “branded viral videos” “top video ads” or “viral video advertisements” to find a list of videos. Then search for their case study.) You must cite your sources. *Don’t forget to include a Works Cited page* Answer the following questions: A. Who is the brand and what was their goal for this video campaign? B. What was the video they created and what was the social media strategy behind it? C. What were the results of the video campaign? Part 2: Audit – 15 pts: Choose any YouTube channel (can be different from above, and can be a “Youtuber/Vlogger”) Evaluate their video strategy. Number your responses and answer the following questions in complete sentences to help guide your review. Support your thoughts with detail and examples. What is the brand or influencer you have chosen and why? What types of video do they post? How many subscribers do they have? How often do they post new videos? Do they follow a schedule? On average, how many likes and dislikes do their videos receive? How do they engage with followers? Do they incentivize followers to engage with them? How many comments do they receive on average? Do they respond to positive and negative comments on their videos? Do they utilize thumbnails well? Do they have catchy video titles? Do the titles sound like click-bait? Do they have a consistent intro and outro? Do they ask you to follow/subscribe/like/share? Do they use a card at the end of the video that links to previous videos, or any annotations (clickable pop-up links) in the middle of the video? What kind of information do they provide in the description? Any links? Part 3: Analysis – 4 pts: In your own words, describe why you believe this channel is successful on YouTube. Discuss their strengths and weaknesses, and give your suggestions for how they could improve. Explain your reasoning and support your thoughts. Part 4: Storyboard – 3 pts Create a storyboard in the proper storyboard format for a new video concept for the channel. Establish a theme. Include a Beginning, middle, and end, mapping out the scenes with a minimum of 5 frames.

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