Paper Constraints and Requirements:

Part 2 – (Final) Term Paper Constraints and Requirements:

For part 2, you will submit your final version of the term paper. A checklist / rubric is posted to eLearning to help guide the level of fidelity required, and the individual grade weighting of each element of part 2. Of course, there are always requirements and constraints associated with any assignment. They are as follows: • The total length of the paper is suggested to be approximately 5-10 pages (but shall not exceed 15 pages, unless approved beforehand and for a good reason).

• The paper shall be double spaced, using Arial or Times New Roman, 10-12 pt font. • The paper shall be prepared using the Chicago Manual of Style (CMoS) standards. • Writing shall show graduate level work. • Don’t forget the basics: spelling, grammar, and format. • The paper shall cite (i.e. used within the term paper) at least 10 relevant sources. • Of the paper’s various cited sources, at least 10 of them shall be from creditable sources. • The paper shall contain, at a minimum, have the following sections: o Title Page o Abstract  NOTE: An effective “rule of thumb” for abstracts is that they should be approximately 100 – 300 words. o Introduction o Background o Bibliography.

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