NHLE Case Study

After reading the NHL Enterprises Case from our textbook, respond to the following prompts in one to five sentences: Based on the information in the case (and as of the case’s date, 1998) Evaluate NHLE’s value chain? What does the overall value chain for this sector look like (raw material to delivery)? Which portions is NHLE currently engaged in? How would it change under the three variants of the expansion opportunity? Are there alternatives to vertical integration that the case doesn’t describe? How would the potential changes in vertical integration affect NHLE’s exposure to opportunism? How would the potential changes in vertical integration affect NHLE’s flexibility? How well do the potential changes in vertical integration align with NHLE’s resources/capabilities, organizational structure, and strategic goals? Respond to all the prompts (one to four sentences each), and when doing so: •Demonstrate that you’ve read the case study by incorporating the facts of the case in your responses as appropriate (you may draw from information regarding the focal company that doesn’t appear in the case, but if you rely entirely on non-case information, you will not fulfill this portion of the assignment.

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