In your final SLP Assignment, you will be designing a Prezi using data you have collected from the three previous modules, plus adding additional data on environmental health, the topic of module four. In your continuing quest to help the surrounding communities in the Gulf of Mexico, your final goal is to gather data on the issue of environmental health on one of the five states within the region. You will be identifying major pollutants or contaminants that are abundant in the local community and compiling this data along with your data from modules 1, 2 and 3 to complete your Prezi.

Prezi is a presentation tool that can be used as an alternative to traditional slide making programs such as PowerPoint. Instead of slides, Prezi makes use of one large canvas that allows you to pan and zoom to various parts of the canvas and emphasize the ideas presented there. Prezi supports the use of text, images, and videos and also provides a collection of templates to choose from to help new users get accustomed to the interface. See three examples of prezi presentations below:

This presentation, while full of information, is difficult to read due to large amounts of information compacted on each slide , is limited on supporting graphics/ images and lacks in creativity:

This prezi is simple, but clear and concise and makes good use of graphics:

How to Get Started: 

Using Prezi, create a presentation focusing on your chosen state from the Gulf of Mexico region (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama or Florida).


Follow this link for helpful instructions on how to design a prezi presentation:

Create a Prezi Account (you must have an email address) at (choose the free license, see the weblink above on upgrading your account for free using your school email)

See the instructions below on how to upload your Prezi link to your instructor using the dropbox.

Linking to the Prezi and Uploading a Dummy File

I. Getting the Prezi Link

Go to your presentation on Prezi.

If you’re in the editing mode for your Prezi, exit the editor.

Click the “Share” button under your Prezi presentation.

In the “Share” window that opens: Click the “Copy link” button.

II. Preparing a Dummy File for Upload

Your Prezi will provide you with a link that must be copied and pasted to a word processing file to upload to the dropbox (do not email the link to your instructor!). Test your link to be sure it works before uploading your word document. Use Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, another word processor, or text editor to create and save an empty document. Include in your document information such as:

Your name

The assignment name, module and course (i.e. SLP Assignment, Module 4 CHS202)

A link to your Prezi presentation.

Data to Include in Your Prezi:

Give your Prezi a descriptive title (for example: Health Issues and Disparities in Texas). Include your name and course number.

Include data from modules 1- 3. You may use any previous data and images that you have collected. You should have topics on obesity and diet, injury prevention and threats to the younger population, mental health data and environmental health information as it relates to your chosen state. Include the additional data you have researched for module 4 on environmental health (HABs) as well. The aim of the prezi is to connect the ideas of each module into one cohesive presentation about the status of health in the state you have chosen.

For module 4, research the effects of harmful algal blooms (HABs) and their consequences on human health from the L.A. Times Series, Altered Oceans. Accessed at, 2016. Many of these articles featured here discuss the impact of HABs on human health for the states lining the Gulf of Mexico.

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