Describe the images and explain why each image is a symbolic example

The student must integrate the following sources into their responses to the prompts below: A secondary source; one primary source (these must include letters, diaries or speeches from people who lived during the various time periods); and two images/pictures/paintings/drawings sketches etc. Sources must be cited in the text as you write as well as at the end of your document – USE FOOTNOTES. (Absence of any of the above requirements results in -5 points from your total score.) Must address each of the following prompts while integrating the various sources into a narrative essay.

A. Which time period in American history is most significant when defining the United States of America through the study of history? Begin to answer this question by briefly describing the overall scope of the study of American History for the time period: 1866 to 1980. 12 points

B. Using more detail, discuss the major themes for each of the following time periods: 12 points From 1866-1890 From 1890-1920 From 1920-1945 From 1945-1980

C. Which of those three time periods do you think is the most important to study for a person to gain an understanding of what defines America? Use even greater detail explaining the major themes of the time period selected to explain why you argue for that time period. Include your primary source of a letter, dairy, or speech in this section. 12 points

D. Search for two images/ pictures/ paintings/drawings/sketches etc. that are emblematic of your chosen time period. They should be symbolic examples of the major theme(s) of the chosen timer period. Describe the images and explain why each image is a symbolic example of that time period. Insert your images into your word document along with the explanation of why each is emblematic of the time period. Each image and explanation should be approximately one-quarter of a page. 12 points

E. Is your chosen time period reflected in American Society today? If so, how is your chosen time period reflected in current American society? If not, what may explain the declining influence or disappearance of the themes of that time period?

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