Abnormal Psych 2- Question of interest: State the question you are

Research Summaries.

There are many unresolved issues in the field of abnormal behavior. For example, why is ADHD increasing? Why are males more susceptible to some disorders, and females to others? Which therapies are effective? Is there a better way to classify abnormality? As you identify an area of interest, formulate a question or two in writing, and PsycINFO, PsycARTICLES, or MEDLINE to search the professional literature for information about the specific topic. Scan your search results for an original research article (NOT a news article, NOT a literature review or metaanalysis) to read and summarize. The article must involve a research question which is tested by the authors using scientific procedures (typically, such research articles contain section headings including Subjects, Method, Results, Discussion), and must have a publication date of 1994 or later. Single-case studies should not be used for this assignment, unless the authors employed a scientific technique such as a single-subject design (e.g., ABAB reversal, multiple baseline, changing criterion) in order to collect and analyze data. Once you have found an appropriate research paper, download the full text of the article. Read the article carefully, so that you can describe the procedures and outcomes effectively in your summary. Peer-reviewed professional journal articles involving research studies from the fields of psychology or psychiatry since 1994 are the only resources acceptable for this component of the course. Don’t use popular press materials (Time, Omni, Scientific American, Psychology Today, APA Monitor, general websites, or newspapers) for this purpose. Select your sources from your PsycINFO, PsycARTICLES, or MEDLINE searches. Do not simply provide quotations from the article; use your own words when possible. Submit research summaries into Canvas in .doc, .docx, .rft, or .txt format; include your last name in the filename of your attachment. Format for research summaries from the professional literature Use the following format to structure your summaries. Include headings 1-5 (below) in your paper

1. Question of interest: State the question you are researching. It should be clear how your question led to your search terms, and then to the article you chose to summarize.

2. Title, authors, source: Give the complete citation in correct APA format. Include the complete web address if the article was acquired online (I may visit that site as I grade your summary). 3. Purpose: Describe the purpose of the research. Why did the authors conduct the study?

4. Research summary: Describe the procedures and main findings of the research. Identify important characteristics of the subject groups used in the study (e.g., age, gender, diagnosis). Describe the measures used, the research method, the study’s outcome, and the conclusions drawn by the authors

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