What personal attributes/characteristics should a police officer have?

Description For our first term paper (there are two for this course), please write a 4 page paper (APA style: double spaced; 12 Times New Roman Font). The 4 page requirement does not include the cover page and reference page– so you should have 6 pages altogether. Please answer the question: What personal attributes/characteristics should a police officer have? Please follow the additional guidelines provided here: 1) no more than 5 or 6 sentences in each paragraph 2) Intro paragraph, also the 1st paragraph of your paper, should contain a strong thesis statement 3) Refrain from using pronouns such as: I, you, we, they, etc. 4) Cite the authors inside text. Please research APA style in-text citation. 5) Cite more than 5 authors or articles. 6) Create reference page. Please research APA reference page.

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