Leadership in Contemporary Health Care

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

 1. Critically analyse the impact of policy and quality strategies related to health and social care in a global context

2. Demonstrate critical awareness of risk management in relation to health and social care provision

3. Critically explore and analyse strategies to facilitate negotiation and conflict management

4. Critically evaluate leadership, management and decision making approaches within a global health and social care context

5. Discuss and critically evaluate approaches to change management within the health and social care setting

6. Critically reflect on their own leadership and management skills in the context of their role


Summative Assignment

The summative assignment will take the form of a 2,500 word essay (excluding references). You are asked to critically discuss an area of your practice where you take a leadership role relevant to the course learning outcomes. Critically discuss your leadership style in relation to the relevant theories of leadership and how this relates to the literature and policies on leadership in health care. Your work must be supported by relevant literature, Government documents and/or policies. The word count must be included on the front page and be 2,500 words in length (±10%).


Plagiarism The University does not accept any form of plagiarism. It is considered as academic fraud and an offence against University discipline

Referencing style: The Charles Darwin University version of the Harvard system


Suggested Outline and Guidance

 You are required to submit a 2,500 word essay discussing your leadership style and how it relates to the literature and theories of leadership. The following is a guide as to how you might structure your work.

Introduction Provide a general introduction to your professional role and the area of your practice that you are going to focus on outlining why this is an important area for you to explore (not more than 200-300 words).

Literature review Undertake a critical review of the most recent literature, including relevant policy documents, related to theories of leadership and the role of leadership in health care (this should form the main part of your work and can be between 1000 – 1500 words)

Critical discussion / reflection Critically discuss and reflect on your leadership approach in relation to the literature (500 – 800 words).

Summary Summarise what you have learned about your own style highlighting areas that you feel you did well and areas that you consider you need to develop (500 words).

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