The effect of globalization and global monetary policies on exports from emerging economies

Topic The effect of globalization and global monetary policies on exports from emerging economies

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What is a Research Proposal? Research is the generation of new knowledge (including facts, ideas and concepts or models). In the research proposal you are expected to define an original research topic (objectives or hypotheses), identify and critically evaluate the main relevant literature (theory and empirical evidence) written about it, explain how your proposed topic is expected to contribute to this literature, plan and identify an appropriate methodology to address your topic, and present your ideas in a convincing and reasonable way. The proposal should consist of at least an introduction, a literature review, a presentation and discussion of the methodology, and conclusions. Your research proposal should be 3 to 5 pages of written text (excluding references, cover page, and abstract). Your paper should be 1.5 line spaced with 1.5 inch margins and 12 point font. You are not required to conduct any data analysis, though you may make reference to data and related facts in your proposal if necessary. Writing the Proposal (hints) Page 0 : cover page, name of student, student number, title of research proposal and an executive summary/abstract (usually 100 to 250 words) Abstract/summary guide see: 1. Introduction. The introduction should give the reader a clear idea of the central issue of concern in your research and why you thought that this was worth studying. It should include: a. The aim and objective(s). b. A full statement of your research question(s). c. A ‘route map’ to guide the reader through the rest of the proposal. This will give brief details of the rest of the proposal and present an overview of the threads and ideas and how it all hangs together. 2. The Literature Review. This section should show the reader what has been said about the topic, and how your research question fits into known knowledge, and how it may extend existing knowledge. It may show how specific hypotheses that your research was designed to test fits into the corpus of existing knowledge. Thus  describe the main issues in your topic, outline the main questions and policy implications and your contribution to the literature.  give an overview of work in the area. Then describe a number of main papers in detail. Be critical and show your understanding. 3. The Data and Methodology The hypotheses identified will suggest a particular research approach. This chapter should explain the data you will used to answer the questions you have set and why the methods you have chosen are most appropriate. You should also explain in detail any limitations of the method chosen

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