social networking sites(Myspace, YouTube, Indabamusic, Second Life)

Write a critical essay incorporating key themes in the book, in doing so, compare it with one of the social networking sites that have not been discussed in the book. Has social networking site for musicians improved since then? What has changed and remained the same? 1) Pick social networking site that was not discussed in the book 2) Compare it with at least 2 social networking sites discussed in the book. (Myspace, YouTube, Indabamusic, Second Life) 3) Discuss what has changed and remained the same? The book was written years ago, so if you compare it to recent social networking sites, what are the emerging development and themes that are noteworthy to you? 4) Include an in-depth case study of one social networking site 5) offer a specific analysis within that site 6) support your analysis/evaluation via concrete examples 7) Avoid colloquial expressions/personal pronouns, aim for a neutral academic tone of voice 8) make sure you check your citation, no phrases/words can be quoted without quotation marks and proper citation, (last name, year, page number). Even if you paraphrased, you need to offer citation/references. Please check this link to understand APA formatting. Formatting is tedious but it is necessary and important to learn. 9) Avoid having a long quote in a short paper, cite only what you think is necessary, and do not just cite, check previous sentence and the sentence following the quotation marks. Make sure, you check the context so that transition is not awkward or abrupt. So you should compare a site not mentioned in the book with two or more sites mentioned in the book. In addition, you should use the sources in the book when you are describing the site in the book. External sources can be referenced when describing the site of your choice. Quote four sources from the book, the remaining three from other places.

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