On the Move: Commuting, work, life

 Reflection Assignment Go on to the Podcast link below, and then scroll down to where you see the podcast of “On the move: Commuting, work, life” Podcast: https://www.cbc.ca/radio/podcasts/documentaries/the-best-of-ideas/ On the Move: Commuting, work, life Seven years ago, a large group of interdisciplinary scholars from all parts of Canada (and beyond) started to examine issues connected with ‘work-related mobility’. How are new technologies changing the nature of employment? Some people now find it desirable – or even necessary – to work from home. Others are expected to spend more time travelling to and from the workplace than they actually spend doing their job. How do these changes in the way we work affect every other aspect of 21st century life? As the project nears completion, participants approach conclusions. Watch the podcast and write a reflection which applies to the rationality theory described below. For this assignment students will produce written records of their thinking, learning, and reflections throughout the course. These reflections can be based on readings, podcasts, documentaries, news reports, or other materials following discussion with the instructor. Please Apply Habermas 3-dimensional theory of rationality through out reflection. Please apply these as well in the reflection. Consists of four main components 1. the defense of truth claims in the form of theoretical discourses 2. the defense of normative validity claims in the form of moral discourses 3. the notion of aesthetic validity claims and their defense, and 4. the thesis that there are universal rules of language use (universal pragmatics) Students will • identify the main issue(s) in the selected resource that sparked your reflection • briefly elucidate your thoughts and reflections on the issues identified, and • using the multidimensional dialectical concept of rationality – the core concept at the center of this course – to frame and inform your reflections and analyses, and • drawing upon personal experiences wherever possible • the conclusion section will address the question of whether the issue under consideration contributes to, or impedes, the processes of rationalization. Be sure to include your reasons for your conclusions. This assignment will be graded in terms of the following criteria: Organization: Does the paper have a clearly evident beginning, middle and end as described above? Exposition: Is the writing clear and concise? Are there spelling mistakes? Are there grammatical errors? Formatting problems? Content: Does the paper show understanding of the issues addressed? Are arguments clear and correct? Please cite the podcast in MLA format in the reflection. I will have another document attached name reflection 3 which is already marked by the prof. So make those corrections in this order of reflection in the new podcasts please

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