Nuclear Meltdown in Fukishima.

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There is a substantive amount of information that has been published concerning the Nuclear Meltdown in Fukishima. Analyze the academic peer reviewed literature concerning the public health consequences of the radioactive leak from the Fukushima reactor in Japan. Several key areas should be considered. 1. What is the current public health issue related to the radioactive leak? 2. What is the potential global impact from the current leak? Are there limitations concerning the data? If so what are they? ( you may want to discuss or delve into the political implications some say there has been a cover-up). 3. What are the public health implications learned from this disaster that can be applied to emergency preparedness and response in the Middle East. Assignment Format Quantity: This response should be no more than 5-6 pages [1250-1500 words]. Other: Graphics are welcome and encouraged but will not count towards page count. Use APA Style Formatting. Upload and submit your paper to the appropriate assignment folder. Your paper must be uploaded by the due date. Immediately after uploading and submitting double-check the correct version and content have been shared.

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