New company policy that defines how employees are allowed to use technology in the work place

Working individually, you are to address one of the contemporary human resource issues listed below, and prepare a proposal for your “boss.” In addition, as necessary, appendix materials, and a bibliography should be attached. The following is the basic structure for your memo to be used as a “guide” to help you with your paper. You are to pick one of the two topics provided to write you paper.

Introduction and Background (Approx 1-2 pages) Proposal – (Approx 2-3 pages) Description/Explanation Justification/Support (Approx 3-4 pages) Logic and Rationale, Research-based support Next Steps/Summary/Conclusion (Approx 1 page) Appendices (as appropriate) Topics – select one of the two options listed below. All proposals should be based off the assumption that you are working for a medium sized business with 200 employees in an area you are familiar with. The business consists of 130 full time employees and 70 part time employees. The business is a service business. The employees are all non-union. The business has experienced some financial challenges the past few years, but has not had to reduce its workforce. However, wages have been frozen the past two years.

1. Your company is experiencing a 20% increase in health insurance rates. Propose that our how you plan on communicating these increases to employees so they understand why the increase is so large. Also propose a program to encourage the employees to lead a healthier life style to possibly impact future increases.

OR 2.Propose a new company policy that defines how employees are allowed to use technology in the work place. The policy should also address the issue of social networking and issues communicating issues about the company in and outside of the work place.

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