1. Select a research topic from the approved list on the Discussion Board.(Mine is glass, I’ll upload the powerpoint via files, may you take a look and write something related to it) 2. Demonstrate the ability to research existing literature and integrate new ideas into the current understanding of the assigned area of study. 3. As a researcher, contribute to “the body of knowledge” that has been presented during the course. 4. The report and presentation should include the areas required in any scientific exploration. These are: a.

The theory or question under consideration; state the question to be addressed. (i.e., Can an automobile run on alcohol made from corn rather than gasoline?) b. Present a brief abstract of your findings. (i.e., It has been shown that the internal combustion engine can, in fact, run on alcohol.) c. Give an introduction and history behind the topic to be researched. (i.e., When was alcohol first tried for an internal combustion engine? Who did it and why?) d. Give the methods used by the scientist to research the question. (i.e., Did they try a lawnmower motor, a motorcycle or an automobile? Did they actually drive the vehicle? ) e. Discussion of findings. (i.e., Was the engine hard to start? Did it run as smoothly? Does it produce more or less pollution?) f. Research – if you had access to a laboratory, what would you do to validate your findings or further investigate the question of interest? (i.e., Will alcohol damage engine parts? Is it more or less expensive to make than gasoline?) g. Present your conclusions and any implications they might have. This is where you would add to the “Body of Science” concerning your area of interest. (i.e., Would corn alcohol be a good substitute for gasoline? Why? Why not?) h. What questions did this study leave unanswered that need to be researched further? (How miles per gallon do you get with alcohol as compared to gasoline? What impact will it have on the ozone layer? ) i. The report and presentation should contain graphics to demonstrate you findings (graphs, charts, chemical structures, chemical reactions, etc.) j. Present statistical data that supports your research. k. References should be properly documented. 5. Researchpaperswillbeevaluatedonbothcontent,andonoverallscholarliness. Showagood understanding of the chosen topic and be neatly and correctly typewritten using double spacing

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