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 Discuss Background In this course, we discussed many aspects of public health emergency management. The last discussion assignment in this course provides students with an opportunity to reflect on what was learned. Specific attention should be directed to the implications for practice. Assignment For the last assignment in this course, please take a few moments to reflect and share some of your experiences over the past few weeks of this class. How does what you learned to apply to your current or future role as an EDM professional? How will current and emerging technologies enable our communities to become more resilient and safer? What content does global health security have as it relates to public health emergency management? Here are a few questions other questions to guide your thinking: In one paragraph, how would you summarize this course to others? What was the most surprising thing you learned in this course? What was the most important? What did you like and not like about the course? What are the challenges and opportunities in having access to electronic health records in a public health emergency? What advice would you give to students planning on taking this course in the future? Assignment Format This is a two-part assignment with two due dates. First, you will share your initial discussion post based on the assignment guidelines. Submit a reflection Use course content and external sources to support your thoughts. Cite using APA style Write a 500- 750 word initial discussion post Please be sure to provide references to the peer-reviewed literature. For graduate level scholarship this is a requirement. Go beyond the assigned readings and use the literature to support your conclusions and analysis. At the graduate level, we are not able to simply assert our opinions but it must be linked to the theories and supported by scholarly work. For this class, in particular, support your analysis with the most current literature possible. Use of external non-peer reviewed sources can also be utilized in conjunction with your peer-reviewed sources such as government websites and think tanks. Post your response in the corresponding Discussion Board Second, you will read and respond to your peers’ posts. Provide feedback to 2-3 of your peers In your replies to other students’ posts, feel free to disagree and raise arguments, but please respect our course’s Netiquette guidelines when responding.

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