Characterized Essay “The Shack”

The Shack (Characterization Essay Assignment) Now that you’ve finished reading the novel, take a minute to think about the plot and Mack’s remarkable transformation. The purpose of this essay assignment is to focus on characterization and character development throughout the novel. Using literary terms with their definitions from Backpack Literature and MLL, prepare a 700-1000 word (minimum) document in which you describe the differences and/or changes in Mack’s life, character, personality, soul, and relationships to others over the course of the story with supporting descriptions and examples from The Shack (cite page numbers) to substantiate your statements. ***** Instructions for preparing your written documents (for Unit 8): Your textbook, Backpack Literature, features samples of papers using MLA format in Chapters 29 and 30. MyLiteratureLab also contains guidance for writing and preparing your paper. The OWL at Purdue contains writing advice. Write with academic clarity, and proofread for spelling and grammar before submitting your paper. Prepare a document for submission that includes this heading for each page of your assignment: top right side of page: header with your name and page number (e.g., Martin 1). Then, space down and create an interior heading for your first page only (example): Ethan Martin PREN111 Professor’s name Jan. 10, 2017 Unit 8 Assignment Your next line should have an original title for your Shack Characterization Essay, centered, on the page. Include a short introduction, the body of the paper (in cohesive paragraphs), and a concise conclusion. Include in-text citations for literary terms, literary theory, textual references, and other information that you include from Unit 8, The Shack, Backpack Literature, MLL, and other sources you reference within your paper. Include your Works Cited on the last page with all of your in-text citations listed in it.

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