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You will be constructing a critical argument using the visual material encountered this. Select a slide from a weekly lecture deck where you want to gain more expertise. The corresponding weekly reading will be used as a source for your paper. The slide should have a date, and you should consider the ‘shape of time’ your paper constructs. Keep the narrative chronology specific, not necessarily linear, and be cautious of making ‘present’ comparisons to the contemporary. The slide and paper must be of material older than 1968; choose something unfamiliar as a method to learn more about its history. Visual analysis needs a set of questions to ask of the slide which connect it to a historical context and argument. Think of this as the shape of time your critical argument constructs and chronology measures out a series of causes and effects. A distant event may or may not have entanglements elsewhere. You are using visual material to narrate an argument as it intersects architecture, broadly considered. We’ve encountered a diverse range of topics and the slide can be situated into these broader course themes. You will need to find at least two other pieces of visual evidence plus one other scholarly article from the library as a minimum to complete the assignment. This requires you to analyze visual evidence and to put that analysis into a written argument.


Object [select visual material from slide, primary source, or secondary source]

 Theme [connect object to larger theme. The corresponding themes from the objects weekly lectures are useful]

 Evidence [may come from sources, visual material, or your argument]

4Symptom [What is your thesis symptomatic of?]

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