Quality Improvement (QI): Principles and Application


Quality Improvement Assignment (Paper) Guidelines Purpose: To improve your knowledge, understanding, and use of Quality Improvement in nursing. Assignment: Six to ten page APA formatted research paper entitled Quality Improvement (QI): Principles and Application. Include the following content in your paper: Principles of QI • Describe “quality” in terms of healthcare. • Distinguish the benefits of healthcare quality. • Compare and contrast fundamental principles of Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement. QI Processes and Methods • Analyze various quality improvement methods. • Describe the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) method and discuss an evidence-based example. Using Data to Make Decisions • Detail the value of data and measurement in healthcare quality. • Interpret root cause analysis. • Discuss essential QI tools and when to use them. Application • Differentiate Nursing’s role in healthcare quality

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