Marketing Audit of the Coca Cola Brand

Topic Marketing Audit of the Coca Cola Brand

 To conduct an investigation of a current ‘industry’ or ‘sector’, or industry/sector ‘issue’ relevant to your degree and your professional development. This will typically result in the identification of a problem, trend or issue that is subsequently examined during the project. Students must make use of relevant academic concepts to structure their investigation and to facilitate their analyses.

The module offers the opportunity to develop considerable skills relating to employability – secondary data research, (possibly primary research) and business report writing with evidence-based analysis. To achieve this you will need to consider the following; • Identify a suitable structure for the research project. • A justification for conducting a survey or investigation • A substantial review of the literature pertaining to a problem or issue • A considered choice of research or survey method (where appropriate) • Presentation and evaluation of secondary or primary data (where appropriate) • Conclusions pertaining to the aims and objectives of the work. • Apply relevant marketing theory/concepts to inform the collection and evaluation of the secondary data (and primary data if necessary) to complete your project. • Analyse and interpret your data in order to develop your marketing projec

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