Managing Workplace Conflict.


This is for the subject: Managing Workplace Conflict.

Reflect on a conflict situation that you have experienced and think of a possible better way that it might have been handled. The task is in four parts; 1. Outline the event with facts and data. Be specific. 2. Identify and apply the appropriate conflict theories from the lectures. 3. Critically analyse the effectiveness of the conflict management you have described for all the major parties involved in the conflict. Why was there a conflict? 4. Consider a better resolution strategy for all the players in your scenario. Notes: This is to be a personal conflict essay, which is drawns upon from a personal ‘conflict’ experience and to be written ‘essay style’ in the first person. Please note: This does not have to be written about a conflict in the workplace but just a personal conflict. The personal conflict will then need to be related back to theories from the lectures (I will provide the lectures).

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