This assignment is an application of course concepts and ideas to various scenarios with developmental issues. Use course/class information to support your answers. Pick TWO (2) scenarios from below. I expect 3-4 pages per scenario. Address the following questions/issues for each of the two scenarios you selected:

1) Given what you have learned, how would you design an environment to improve this person’s situation and future development? Use course concepts and terminology to support your discussion. 2) What kind of environmental factors would hinder this person’s development? In other words, what environmental issues would make their situation worse, or what would you hope not happen in this person’s world? Use course concepts and terminology to support your discussion. 3) Discuss how the person is affected in the three domains of development (Biosocial (Physical), Cognitive, and Psychosocial).

How might decreases or increases in development/maturity/ability affect the person? Basically, do several “If/then” discussions for each of the three domains. For example, “If this woman has a poor psychosocial support network (like have no family or having an unsupportive family), then I would think that she may experience…” Scenarios from which to choose: 1) A 65-year-old female, recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. She has previously been a very active and vibrant woman, living on her own since her husband of 35 years died 5 years ago. 2) A 14-year-old minority female, facing the very real possibility that she may be pregnant. She has always struggled in school (she has failed a grade already), and is currently a freshman in high school. 3) A 7-year-old male, who is teased for being small in size and for having “big ears.” Lately, he has been quick to cry and has become withdrawn. His parents divorced when he was 4 and he lives with his mother. He has very little contact with his father. 4) A married couple, both 32-years-old, learns that their 3-year-old son is autistic. He is their only child and they were thinking about having another baby soon. They know little about the disorder and even less about treatment options. • The paper should be typed, double-spaced, and written at a college level using appropriate font (12-point, Times New Roman, Garamond, etc.) and margin size (1”). • Grammar and spelling will be part of your grade in addition to the organization and thoroughness of your responses. • Be creative, be insightful, and provide examples. • Use content and terminology from the course to support your discussion.

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