Leadership for sustainability proposal

This assignment requires you to assess a contemporary leader for sustainability who is (or was if deceased) dedicated to sustainability and sustainable development. You must choose a person who has enough biographical or autobiographical information available for you to do the analyses required for this assignment. In doing so, library resources to find a credible sustainability leader and information on their company.

Be sure there is enough publicly published information about both the leader and the company to pull together a well-written in-depth case analysis. After deciding on your company, and find at least 5 credible written sources, submit proposal for approval. Your proposal should be at least 2-4 single-spaced pages with 8 pt spacing between paragraphs (exclusive of cover page, table of contents, references and attachments), APA style, 1 inch margins, 12 pitch, times new roman font. See Appendix B for example leaders and the organizations they lead. For example, Forbes’ Impact 30 give a list of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. Forbes’ defines “social entrepreneur” as a person who uses business to solve social issues

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