Jasper Mayne’s play The Citye Match (1639)

 Reading Response to the play of Jasper Mayne’s little known play The Citye Match (1639) act 1 and act 2, you should response toward the goal of showing substantive engagement with the assigned reading and our ongoing discussions.the primary goal is to show substantive engagement with the assigned reading. this is a history criticism class,What critical movements and trends in the twentieth century provoked a “historicist” turn in literary studies? How have different thinkers within literary and cultural studies understood the relationship between text and context? How have they conceptualized the historical horizons that constrain or animate the production and reception of literary texts? Why is historicist criticism not necessarily “about” the past? We’ll study the emergence of the so-called “new historicism” and more recent pushback against historicist criticism, such as queer historiography, postcoloniality, presentism, and various polytemporal approaches and other weird chronologies.

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