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You have been commissioned by the Office for National Statistics to write a report on wellbeing using their Opinions and Lifestyle Survey, Well-Being Module, April-May 2015. The data contain self-reported scores (0-10) on different domains of wellbeing as well as other individual characteristics. You should start your report describing the data and variables you will use in your analysis before going on to answer the research questions below (10 points). Your report should end with a concluding section summarising the implications of your findings using no more than 200 words (10 points). You should present your results using appropriate tables and plots and ensure all results are interpreted substantively and statistically. You may be required to recode the data to answer certain questions. You should specify an alpha level of 0.05 unless instructed otherwise.

The Office for National Statistics would like you to answer their following research questions: Economic wellbeing 1. How does satisfaction with financial situation vary within and between regions in the UK? (5 points) – Calculate an appropriate measure of central tendency and dispersion for satisfaction with financial situation for each region. 2. Is the proportion unemployed in the South East region aged 25-44 significantly different from the national average? (5 points) – Use an appropriate statistical test to test a hypothesis about the proportion unemployed aged 25-44 in the South East, specifying an alpha level of 0.01 Environmental wellbeing 3. Is the mean satisfaction with the local area higher for people aged 75 and over compared with the national average? (5 points) – Use an appropriate statistical test to test a hypothesis about the mean for people aged 75 and over, specifying an alpha level of 0.10 Health wellbeing 4. Do ethnic minorities report worse general health than the white majority? (10 points) – Report a cross tabulation between reports of general health and ethnic group and determine if there is a statistically significant difference using an appropriate test. Check whether your data meet the assumptions to conduct the test. 5. Are higher socioeconomic class groups more likely to report being satisfied with their mental health compared with lower socioeconomic classes? (15 points) – Use an appropriate statistical test to test this hypothesis and demonstrate whether your data meet the assumption to conduct the test. 4 General wellbeing 6. Which domains of satisfaction explain overall happiness? (30 points) – Explore the descriptive relationship separately between five domains of wellbeing measured in your data and overall happiness – Choose one domain to explain variation in happiness using a statistical model – Check your model for one assumption of your residual values using an appropriate test. – Use your model to predict happiness when the score on your domain is 15 and explain whether this is an appropriate prediction to make. – Comment on the limitations of your model

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