Culturally Intelligent Leader

 Cultural intelligence requires that you engage in adaptive behavior and necessitates that you have the understanding and motivation to achieve it. To accomplish this, you must first develop self-understanding at a deep level. Consider the following questions: What are you comfortable with doing? What are you comfortable with others doing? Next, consider the same from the perspective of those you are leading. The purpose of Assignment 1.1 is to facilitate a process where you can dive deeper into understanding yourself and those in your organization so that you can better develop your skills as a cultural intelligent leader. Part 1 (Looking Inward) – 5 points For part 1 of this assignment, use Table 2.2 Five Cultural Value Dimensions (Moua P. 42) and examine your own position in each of these dimensions. Write a reflective 1-2 page paper (without title page and bibliography) that provides background into your position in these dimensions. Include significant personal life experiences that helped shape your values. Start by using figure 2.5 and go through figures 2.9 to guide you in this self-analysis. For example, identify where on the continuum you are on Dimensions of Identity by using the scales below. Recommendation: Information from Part 1 can help inform your Signature Assignment Part II (Analyze Your World View) Part 2 (Looking Outward) – 10 points For part 2 of this assignment, create a series of interview questions that target the five dimensions. You will implement the interview in your organization and interview 3 people you work with. (Be professional and work within ethical boundaries.) Examine and analyze the data you collected from the interviews and identify themes that emerge in the responses. There may be themes that emerge from multiple responses or the responses may range from one extreme to the other. If so, report out on these themes in your paper. Write a 3-4 page paper that reports out on a) the data that you gathered, b) the analysis of the data and c) conclusions that can be drawn from the data. In your appendices, include a summary of the interviews. Recommendation: Information from this Part 2 can help inform your Signature Assignment Part III (Engaging Participants) Part 3 (Cultural Intelligence Effectiveness) – 5 points Examine the gap (if any) in the various dimensions you examined. For example, if you tend to be an assertive leader, but those who you are leading tend to be more timid and submissive, you may need to adjust your leadership approaches to be most effective. Write a 3-4 page paper identifying what adjustments you need to make (if any) to be a more culturally intelligent leader. In your conclusion, reflect on the results of the Diversity Survey, your experience completing Parts I-III, and how these skills can continue to be used in the future.

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