Cross Cultural Failures Analysis.

Cross Cultural Failures Analysis, it is for intercultural communication class *The purpose of this project is to analyze a contemporary case of organizational intercultural communications failure. You will choose a real life case study where an inability to communicate clearly across borders (or cultural sub-groups within the home market) resulted in embarrassment, lost revenues, public outcry, or government intervention. **NEED to focus heavily on the” intercultural theory aspects of the situation.”relate and use the theory in the textbook chapter1-8 especially 7and8. *Your analysis should include: (use question number to separate the following question) 1. Introductory statement of the problem (brief, one sentence) 2. Description of the problem in detail 3. Analysis of the intercultural theory implications using references from textbook, and ideally some outside readings (important!! focus mainly on this part) – point out what are the theories and explain/ relate to the case you choose 4. How you would have handled the situation differently (this part use from first person point of view) **use correct APA format also intext citation. be sure to have reference about those theory from the textbook. at least 3 resource

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