The impact of industries on the political process.

 Research paper. Earn up to fifty (50) extra credit points by submitting a five page paper on the impact of an industry on the political system. Selection of president and thesis must be approved.  Research Paper– “Impact of the Supreme Court, or Congress, or a federal bureaucratic agency or an interest group on an industry.” Instructions: Research topic: The impact of industries on the political process. Select and industry, and the area to be researched from list below. Inform me of your selection. Duplication of selections will not be approved. Bibliography must include at least five (5) sources per group member. At least two must come from professional Internet sites (Wikipedia is not an acceptable source), and two from books (use resources provided by the library). MLA format. List of industries: Retail stores Energy Private prisons Fast foods Internet gaming Credit cards Commercial agriculture Online gaming Student loans Healthcare News media Pharmaceutical Internet Areas of research Bureaucratic agencies—three or four federal agencies/bureaus; regulations impact on industry. Interest Groups—three or four; political actions/activities. Congress—three or four federal laws or proposals; impact on industry. Supreme Court rulings—three or four cases/decisions; impact on industry. work on Energy from the above list of industries.

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