The Collapse of Rome

Overview In this discussion, you role-play the part of a fictional emperor of the Roman Empire (Western or Eastern) in the 5th Century CE in order to discuss the role of Christianity and the division of the empire in your empire’s fate. This character is fictional. You are the Unknown Emperor. Now, to be successful with this discussion, you must consider Module 3’s Exploration on the division of the Roman Empire as well as Lecture: Roman Empire and Fall. Concentrate on the actions of the emperors. If you’re not clear on the story, revisit it there before retelling it here. Objectives: 1-4 Instructions Step A: Assume the role of a (fictional) Western or Eastern Roman emperor, and explain for posterity: What role did Christianity play in the outcome of your empire? What factors led to the collapse or survival of your empire? What impact did things like geography, wars, religion and society play on the rise or fall of your empire. Step B: Explain these answers using known historical evidence to support your position. Cite as needed. Step C: Respond to at least two of your fellow emperors and compare notes or share thoughts on the difficulties you faced. Make sure at least one of your responses is to an emperor from an empire other than your own. (i.e. if you are a fictional Western emperor, then you must respond to at least one Eastern emperor). Last page: While reading and watching the lectures and explorations in this module, write down several WOW “I didn’t know that” or “That’s amazing!” facts. Select one WOW! fact that you noted and write at least 3 critical thinking questions about this topic. Research and find the answers to your WOW! fact questions. If you can’t find a definitive answer to a question, look for interesting related topics and list them as your answer. Use your questions and answers to build a WOW! lesson for your classmates (as described below). This may be the only thing your classmates learn about your WOW! fact and you are the teacher, so please be thorough!

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