NETS Standards for Administrators for Miami Dade Schools.

NETS Standards for Administrators – Review the NETS (National Educational Technology Standards) for Administrators (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Discuss in one introductory paragraph how these standards can affect administrative activities. Include the following information in the body of your assignment: Rate your administrators on each of these standards? Identify one(1) standard they are meeting and why. Identify one(1) standard they are not meeting and why. Should administrators be held accountable for demonstrating these competencies? Why? Will these standards change what happens in our classrooms? How? As an administrator, how can these standards used to support professional development for both administrators and faculty in a school? Include at least three(3) sources for your work including a reference to WCGolden website information. Use WCG resources for: Faculty Development Leadership Development Paper Requirements: FCE title page Body of text 4-5 pages Use references Write in a scholarly manner Proper pagination APA/ FCE format reference page with at least 3 references No references older than 5-7 years Make sure your format is correct Paper Outline: Introduction – How can NETS standards effect administrative activities Rate your administrators on NETS standards One standard not being met and why One standard being met and why Accountability Will the NETS standards change classroom How can NETS standards help professional development Conclusion

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