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Corporation APA Research Paper

Students are to construct an APA (American Psychological Association) Style Research Paper in researching a corporation which is chosen in class with Mr. Gordon and other classmates (2-6-2019). These are the various components, of which most of them, should be in the APA Research Paper:  Historical origin of the corporation, company, etc. – brief chronological view, and/or founder(s)’ origin story — [1 – 3 paragraphs only]  Investor(s) – Who sponsored its rise?  Stocks for last 5 years, & recent ~ how has the corporation been fairing over the last few of years, on Wall Street (spikes up and down), currently, etc.  Year-end earnings, quarterly projections and if they are meeting them, etc., of the company, quarter drops and rises in earnings [within the last few years]  Remember: The fiscal year starts July 1 st  “Competition” (compare & contrast) between other companies – for instance, if researching T-Mobile you’d be comparing and contrasting AT&T, Sprint, & Verizon, etc.  Advertising/Social Media — What is your company doing to make, continue, and/or to stabilize their brand within the culture(s)?  Mergers  Affiliations and sub-divisions within the company (for example Infinity is Nissan) – Partnerships, affiliations, etc. (Carl’s Jr.’s and Green Burrito, etc.)  What are “money-making” products for the company, etc.  What technologies are being utilized in their product(s)?  Natural resources (used) – Where are the corporations getting their raw materials, etc., and where are they manufacturing them?  Any other information, controversies, etc., that may be of interest while you are researching? Students will integrate various terms/concepts of Economics like: “need” and “want” entrepreneur factors of production (land, labor, capital [physical and human]) scarcity shortage trade-off opportunity cost thinking at the margin etc. – Also, other concepts of Economics that you will be learning as you are in the process of progressing in your research. – In this research paper students will begin to learn about entrepreneurship and business in general – how a corporation is constructed and functions.

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