Critical Analysis of Literature.

Choose a short story, book, or poem that deals with cultural issues. Example- Bless Me, Ultima, 100 Years of Solitude, Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza (books) Remember: Try to deal with one major aspect of the story, poem, or song that you are analyzing. You must support your ideas with specific details from the work itself. APA format, title page, in-text citations, and a references page is required. Essay must be at least 700-1100 words. The first source you will be analyzing will be your primary source, but you must also analyze a secondary source. You can peruse the DACC databases for a journal article written on the story or poem you choose to analyze. The secondary source will either provide author (biographical information) or their own analysis of the poem, story, or book. In the essay, you must include at least 1 comparison paragraph about this secondary source, and quote it according to APA style. You could either agree or disagree with the analysis. This secondary source could also be general, and discuss basic literature or cultural themes. You could also discuss how their author’s life (biographical information) ties into the work of literature. References page- Must have 2 sources, primary (book, short story, or poem) and secondary source.

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