Ancient and Medieval Political Philosophy.

 Write a 4-5 page paper in response to the following question. When you answer this question, prove that you understand the texts and can apply them to your answer. Do not summarize  but use textual support for your arguments were appropriate. Topic: In his ideal republic, Plato argues that the philosopher king is most fit to rule. This idea has resonated throughout the ensuing centuries, leading, for instance, to the Founding Fathers desire for a “natural aristocracy” of the wise and the virtuous to be seated in the Senate. Evaluate Plato’s claim that the wise and virtuous are most fit to rule. Can this idea be reconciled with democracy, or does it necessarily lead to the kind of rigid, anti-democratic hierarchy that Plato envisions for his ideal republic? Some questions to consider: Are the wise and virtuous less likely to seek to advance their own personal interest in politics in order to uphold the public good? Is Plato correct that democratic politics corrupts the philosopher, given the fact that democracy is rooted in opinion rather than in true knowledge? Many contemporary commentators have argued that the modern equivalent to Plato’s allegory of the cave is the role that the mass media plays in today’s democratic system. Is this a good comparison? Does the modern mass media stupefy us by perpetuating a world of illusions with regard to politics and society, preventing us from developing our reason and pursuing knowledge? Or, does the wide availability of multiple sources of media actually facilitate the pursuit of knowledge, enlightening us rather than keeping us chained in the cave? Please note: You are not required to bring in all the theorists or all the works that we have looked at. You are also not required to answer all the questions to consider. These questions are intended to aid you in developing your thesis argument. Use the following texts: – Plato, The Trial and Death of Socrates -Plato, The Republic -Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics -Aristotle, Politics Limit the use of outside texts.

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