Social Problem: Voter Suppression

Legislative Law: Help America Vote Act of 2002 All questions must be answered in the guidelines provided Must follow guidleines of pages on each topic This project will help social work students learn to write policy analysis papers and to be better prepared to debate public policy-makers and to participate in the assessment of policies. Analyzing social welfare policy goes beyond applying one theory. Social welfare policy analysis is the investigation and inquiry into the causes and consequences of public policies. It encompasses a realization that the policy arena is diverse, with numerous interests. Typically, social welfare policy analysis is carried out to provide guidance and direction to policy makers and to supply solutions to social problems. The information gained through analysis of public policies can be used to develop policy alternatives for the future, to assess existing or previous policies, or to explain public problems and social phenomena. Therefore, students need to be versed in social welfare policy analysis and articulate their arguments orally and in writing. Guidelines for the Paper This assignment will provide students an opportunity to increase their knowledge of a social problem and learn how to use a policy analysis model in a systematic way that includes both an explanation of what exists and guidance for future policy proposals (this paper must be based on a federal legislative act or public law of your choice). The final paper should be between 12 – 15 pages long (NOT INCLUDING THE TITLE PAGE, , AND REFERENCE PAGE), typed and organized in APA format. Students need to make reference to at least 15 referred published articles or books (No Dictionaries as references). This analysis can refer to any type of federal public policy, preferably between the years 2000 and 2019. Note: For each section, place headings within the paper. It should include the following components: 1. Do not do Abstract a. A brief description of the social problem, and the legislative act/or public law, and rationale for your selection of this social problem and the legislative act/or public law. 1 page 2. Comprehensive analysis of the social problem and the legislative act/or policy. Using a policy analysis model, students are to summarize their analysis of key factors relevant to understanding a social problem and the policy related to their topic for analysis. a. Social Problem – The first component of the analysis requires the investigation of the social problem. A number of questions should be posed to clarify the social problem. For example, what is the definition of the problem? Related social values? Competing social values? Underlying causes or factors? Support your definition of the problem with 2 to 3 references. 2 pages b. Legislative Act/Law – The second component addresses the goals of the legislative act/or public law. What is the goal? Are there sub-goals? Do the sub-goals conflict? What are the objectives of the legislative act/or public law. 1 page c. How does the legislative act/public law exist to address the social problem of concern? 1 page d. Who supports (proponents) the legislative act/public law? Who opposes (opponents) the legislative act/public law? 1 page e. What social programs will be (were) implemented as a result of the legislative act/public law? Are the programs effective? Strengths? Weaknesses?2 pages f. What populations are affected by the legislative act/public law? Are there positive affects? Are there negative affects? 1 page 3. A summary of how this legislative act/public law affects state, local communities, social workers and clients. 1 page 4. Critical analysis – based on your own thought processes, you are to critically evaluate the social problem presented and the effectiveness of the legislative act/law designed to impact this problem. 2-5 pages a. You should include in this section the strength and weaknesses of this policy b. Intended and unintended impact of the legislative act/public law c. What changes in this policy do others propose to impact the population that it was designed to help? d. What changes in this policy do you propose to impact the population that it was designed to help?

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