Critically analyse the use of one Psychological Skills Training (PST) technique used within applied sport psychology.

Assignment task Task:

Critically analyse the use of one Psychological Skills Training (PST) technique used within applied sport psychology.

You are required to write a 2,2000-word essay (+/- 10%). Please discuss the above task with reference to ONE psychological skills training technique. You may choose from the following techniques: self-talk; relaxation; concentration; and goal setting. Please refer to the assessment criteria outlined below for further details on essay content. Your essay should include the following elements: Introduction – introduce the reader to the topic of Psychological Skills Training presenting one model of practice and key concepts; identify one psychological skills technique to be analysed/discussed and state a case/argument for why these techniques need addressing– 15% Theory and Research – provide a definition of key concepts (technique), discuss the dominant theories used to explain your chosen psychological technique (for example: Vealey et al., (1998) Sport-Confidence Theory might inform our understanding of athlete behaviour[s], i.e. self-talk) – 25% Application – further extend your argument by critically discussing how your chosen psychological skills technique has been used in applied contexts (for example self-talk interventions may have focused on thought stopping, re-framing, awareness raising, discussing irrational beliefs, etc.) as well as the range of contexts (i.e. the range of different populations, sports, ability levels) the technique has been applied within. Remember that you are required to use relevant academic research; at this level, students are expected to use minimum of 3 research articles (not textbooks or articles discussing a theory but articles in which research findings were presented) to support their essay – 35% Professional and Ethical Issues – demonstrate a critical understanding of any professional or ethical issues which might be relevant to the topic under discussion, specifically related to your chosen psychological technique – 10% Conclusion – provide an appropriate conclusion to your essay that concisely summarises your arguments and key points whilst also providing recommendations where necessary – 5% Internal approval: Jonpaul Nevin, 20/12/2018 External approval: Theocharis Ispoglou, 14/03/2019 1 Academic writing – use of a wide range of relevant references; presentation of a logical, detailed and systematic arguments; use of appropriate spelling and grammar – 10% This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of the following module learning outcomes: LO 1 Understand key psychological theories and models in the area of applied sport psychology. LO 2 Evaluate the approaches undertaken by sport psychologists in attempting to develop psychological skills/characteristics required for optimal performance. LO 3 Discuss the range and effectiveness of specific intervention programmes within the applied sport and performance psychology literature. LO 4 Demonstrate an advanced understanding of the professional and ethical issues facing an applied sport psychologist. Task requirements • Student ID number and module title must be included as a header/footer on every page. • Pages should be numbered. • Include the assignment title. • Clearly state the total words used (excluding reference list) at the end of the assignment. • Use 1.5 line spacing.

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