Antwone Fisher Film

Antwone Fisher is a film which touches upon various themes in the text (person centered theory, behavioral and learning concepts) mental health issues and treatment. Your task is to describe presenting problems, pinpoint behaviors or symptoms which relate to the concepts in the text you feel relate to the character(s), your thoughts as to cause of the problem and pinpoint therapeutic interventions (empathy, unconditional positive regard, role play, etc) utilized and/or your step by step plan for treatment. Provide examples from the film in terms of how the major characters fit the concepts/theory along with describe any issues related to code of ethics. To reiterate, the primary focus of this film/paper includes: describing presenting issues that plague(s) the character(s)/case that you are focusing upon. You can diagnose the character utilizing the DSM-V (specify the criteria for a diagnosis if you wish). Provide examples of symptoms, concepts related to theory, and treatment. You should describe what your recommendation to treatment would be if you were treating this character. Specify the treatment and why you choose that perspective for the character.

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