Ancient Chinese civilization.

 How ere the structure of family and the effects of the harvest cycle on rice cultivation in ancient China related? Did gender and class significantly influence one’s life opportunities in ancient China? Would it be more beneficial to be a male or female in China? Explain. What role did Confucianism, Daoism or Legalism have on the role of women and men in ancient China? Explain. FORMAT OF ESSAY: I. INTRODUCTION (WITH THESIS STATEMENT) II. FIRST THEME A. B. C. III. SECOND THEME A. B. C. IIII. THIRD THEME A. B. C. V. CONCLUSION **A BIBLIOGRAPHY AND/OR WORKS CITED PAGE IS NEEDED WITH THIS PAPER AS WELL. REMEMBER TO USE FOOTNOTES OR ENDNOTES TO REFER TO ADDITIONAL SOURCES USED IN PAPER.** Here are the complete instructions for writing the Historical Essay: 1. This historical essay must be at least SEVEN pages long of content (excluding the cover page, bibliography and/or work-cited page. 2. This essay should be double-spaced in regular 12 point font. 3. The students must use the standard essay/research paper format, which includes an introduction with a thesis, the body of the paper (main themes and arguments) and a conclusion. 4. The essay must answer the question analytically and with a thesis statement that focus on the student’s position. (Introduction) 5. Student must answer each prompt of the question thoroughly and provide supporting data for each point. (Body of the paper: main themes and arguments) 6. The essay should be written as if the reader is not the professor and is not familiar with the topic chosen. 7. The student must have a work cited page or bibliography and a cover page. If there is no cover page and work cited page, the paper will be deducted 10 points each. 8. Also, the student must use outside sources beside the textbook to complete this essay. In fact, the textbook should only be used as a guide for this essay, not the primary source for the paper. 9. Do not use all internet sources to write this paper. You must use secondary and / or primary sources to write this paper. If you use all or mostly internet sources, the student will automatically be deducted 10 points from the paper.

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