The outcome of the American Revolution

The outcome of the American Revolution was not guaranteed. In fact, there were many problems that the first American system of government faced. The Founder’s eventually had to learn from the mistakes they made in setting up that system of government. Do some additional research and consider in this paper lessons learned from the revolutionary war, mistakes that were made (in the creation of the Articles of Confederation) and how it all led to the creation of a new U.S. Constitution.

1. Submit a written analysis of the topic. You must reference one of the following documents (Brinkley reading American Revolution.pdf) ( and. ( (Links to an external site.) 2. Be sure to check for clarity and appropriate word usage; complete sentences; correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. 3.You should demonstrate substantial understanding about your topic and the current state of play on the issue. 4. Be sure to follow all guidelines as outlined in the full Writing Assignment Rubric.

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