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The project that you will be doing is the mitochondrial DNA project. I will send you our result and the instructor of the teacher and the gel. For the write up using the protocol for mtDNA project from 2 weeks ago to analyze the data and write up a summary of your markers. For the gel, we have 2 bands of Esther(ER) and Edson (EL) THE 1. LADDER. 2none or blank. 3. Edson left 4. Edson right. 5 none 6. Esther left 7 Esther right. Comments Also I sent you the AF sequence and Br sequence. try to download this app for open the two sequence . Go to: Download BioEdit full installation hey I sent you a file how to open the 2 sequence ( a33-1af and bb 2br) and to get the Sequence analysis first of all you have to download Download BioEdit full installation the link. Go to: For 1AR Sequence Go to File menu-open-and choose your text document for 1 AR For 2BR sequence I notice it was hard for you to locate polymorphisms and download the bio edit so I did. now the only thing you have to do read the reference that I send you and wrote I sentence about what you find it due to the sequence like on this paper I find….And also Compare if your nucleotide polymorphism is a:- Transition: A-G or G-A (Purines) T-C or C-T (Pyrimidines) Transversion: Purine-Pyrimidine (A-T, A-C, G-T, G-C) Pyrimidine-Purine (T-A, T-G, C-A, C-G) so for the For 1AR Sequence but this one is16059 C-T transition pyrimidine you can just pick 4 or 3 references on the 3br sequence do the same thing also 16037 A-G Transition purine I download a file for you . thank you so much again all that the writer needs to check is a file 292373339_polymorphisms__10_6881321814211872.docx with references. and the instructions. + voicemail We need to pick up 3-4 references. 5 sentences for each of them.

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